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Do Less, Sell More - 15 Years Helping Real Estate Professionals

Everyone says they are the best solution for your challenges. We believe we are – because we have many long-term clients and because they continue to tell us the value we add to their business day after day and year after year.

What our clients love

“The Closing Company are experts in doing just this: taking the contract to close.”

-Eydie Koonin, Atlanta Fine Homes

“This allows us to do more marketing…to be out with our clients, and it gives us more personal time.  It takes the crucial but tedious tasks off of our list.”

-Kim Boyd & Kathryn Crabtree, Atlanta Fine Homes

“It’s easy to think ‘Oh, that will only take 5 minutes’ I can just do it myself, but if you look at all the tasks and add up that time… you can easily have spent several hours that would have been better spent elsewhere.”

-Rebecca Mohandiss, Keller Williams Realty

“I thought ‘surely I can handle my clients better than another company.’  What I found was that The Closing Co. did a better job and stayed more in tune with the closing attorney and the lender and gave me more information than I would have gathered on my own.”

-Pam Elledge, Atlanta Fine Homes

“I love that I can be on a listing appointment and my client’s problem gets solved very quickly.”

-Ellen Hill, Atlanta Fine Homes

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